Tred Barta Rides Again!!

Tred_Barta_DinnersTred is once again pushing deep into the very guts of the outdoors and back to doing things the Barda way – in his Renegade. Last year (2009) Tred experienced a spinal stroke that paralyzed his legs. His recovery was remarkably quick and within months he was looking for ways to challenge himself and the great outdoors once more – it’s hard to keep a tough man down. He’s filming episodes again for his Versus show ‘The Best and Worst of Tred Barta’. It hasn’t really been a come-back – Tred Never really left. Watch him pursuing great game again and meeting the challenges he’s setting for himself on his new shows!

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Since this post Tred has been on his show and using the Renegade every chance he gets. Here’s some photos of the things he’s done:




2 Responses to “Tred Barta Rides Again!!”

  1. wendy clouser says:

    need help in getting my va to approve. i live in desert sand and close to mountains with offroad terrain. i am in a manual chair but cannot push thrsand. any suggestions. thank you for help possible.

  2. Angel says:

    everyone, I have been in a chair for around 42 years. I had to have an
    operation this year . a hemicorporectomy, those of us in chairs are at
    the highest risk for this so i am begging the owners of the groups
    forgiveness for posting the …link
    … to my jouney for this operation. I do so in hope I can help all the
    others here be more careful than i was and Never have to be cut and lose
    all the bottom of them. I have my site up to help others and a link to
    the news story.It can be found at my website.

    I also would say call your insurance company direct.. Don’t let them just brush you off tell them you want to explain pros and cons of approving this for you and also them. One thing they would not need to buy you a chair as often. With my operation there are only 16 of us in the world and I have ran against many walls trying to get things paid for. Their was not even a code for the condition with my company. I wish you the best of luck. There is expects to rules, you just have to push and keep pushing.

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