Firefighter blazes back

Former firefighter Adam Brown is back in the groove. “Hunting was my life”, said Adam,” And now I’m out in the woods again on my own.”Adam expressed his delight at finally overcoming issues shared by most who use wheels, “I don’t have to try to fit myself in to everybody else’s schedules anymore. I don’t have to sit around and wait until someone else feels like going hunting or feels like going with me. Thanks to the Renegade Wheelchair I can get out to the woods anytime I want to go.”

Adam is looking forward to being able to do several other things. “My fiancé’ loves to go to the beach, something we couldn’t do very well together. This summer will be different, I’ll be able to get through the sand with her no problem now.”

He is also looking forward to once again returning with his father to the fishing camp they had been going to for over 20 years which had become largely inaccessible for him recently.

On the home front, Adam is an avid Gardener who loves growing tomatoes and chili peppers. He had to build planters next to the house when he was no longer comfortable rolling out to the garden.  “I could get out there but sometimes I’d get stuck.  I stopped going out there unless someone was around in case that happened, then I just quit trying to go out there at all.

He said those days are gone, he has no worries at all about getting stuck with the Renegade. So, besides the great raised beds by the house he now has, he can once again exercise his green thumb over the rest of the yard.

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