Operation Rebound: From Frontline to Finish Line

Operation Rebound photoWe recently met up with Challenged Athlete Foundation’s Operation Rebound when they helped fallen firefighter Adam Brown get into a Renegade Wheelchair and out into much more of the outdoor world.

These guys not only help people meet the challenges of disabilities – they also provide them through high caliber athletic and recreational events. Inspired by U.S. Army Captain David Roselle and managed by good friend Nico Marcolongo, Operation Rebound is dedicated to assisting those who have served   experience the rewards and benefits of challenging athletics and recreation. The program offers grants and event opportunities for those who have served as law officers, firefighters, paramedics, or in the military.

Both Nico and Dave have stepped up to that particular plate themselves with multiple tours in the Middle East. Dave lost a foot in Iraq and following his recovery and rehabilitation returned to combat duty. Dave’s remarkable story is chronicled in his autobiographical book “Back In Action”. You can get a signed copy from Nico at CAF by contacting them. The organization and the people within it certainly have plenty of heart – both the caring and the determined kind.  We hope to team up with them in the future to continue to push the boundaries – push them back and reset them!


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