Renegade Videos You Might Not Have Seen

Are you a Renegade User? Send us a link to some of your footage of you blazing your own trail.

The internet is an amazing thing. Here at Renegade Wheelchairs we once in a while come across new Renegade videos that were posted by Renegade users new and old. Some we have seen and some are completely new. Here are a few that you might not have gotten a chance to see:

Dru Baker Gets Her Renegade

Renegade Rodeo Footage: Fred Baker

Now those were from some of Renegade users, we did come across this review/interview of the Renegade with John Rackley and Draves Archery:

Our last group of videos come from the tv series North American Safari, where John Rackley is a Pro-Staffer. John was recently on two different episodes of North American Safari, take a look:

The Renegade on a Stag Hunt

Hog-a-Palooza 2011 – Part 1

Hog-a-Palooza 2011 – Part 2

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