John Rackley, inventor of the Renegade All-Terrain Wheelchair had an eye opening experience on the opening day of deer season. With his Renegade, John is able to get deep into the woods at a large swamp he used to hunt at. “In the Renegade you have to zig-zag more than you do when walking and it got me disoriented before I knew it’. He had left his cell phone in the truck and didn’t have a compass or matches or any other survival gear with him.

A 30 year veteran of the woods John remarked “I’m not used to being lost, I was in familiar ground – but it still happened. I couldn’t find the tote road that use to be there, I started to get pretty scared as dark approached.” After wandering for over 5 hours John finally found the tote road and made it back to the truck – shaken and totally exhausted. A Renegade will help you get to places you haven’t been before and do things you haven’t done before – the flip side is that you may very well be exposed to some perils that you’ve never had to consider before. Always be prepared, always keep your safety first in mind.

Here’s a few things to consider before you head out:

  • Always keep your cell phone with you and make sure it is fully charged. If you don’t have one – get one.
  • Always let someone know where you’re going and what time you expect to be back
  • Take extra essential medication you need
  • If you’re going into the outdoors take the minimal survival gear with you – compass, matches, extra water, energy bars, space blanket, whistle, etc.

Do you have an experience and advice you’d like to share? Please let us all know so that we can learn from each other as we head into these new horizons. Much like the Star Trek Enterprise, the Renegade will allow a person to boldly go where they haven’t gone before, just remember, on this particular mission –you have to get back too!

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