The Story of the Renegade


As a wheelchair user who loves the Maine outdoors, I struggled pushing my wheelchair down paths and tote roads to get to my favorite spots. There were many times I couldn’t get to where I wanted and would have to turn back.

Even after a light snow, when deer hunting is at its best, I would be stuck in the house because of my inability to push the snow-filled wheels. While fishing or just going off-road, onto soft terrain would all but make it impossible for me to enjoy the outdoors.

Now, after developing the Renegade All-Terrain Wheelchair, I can wheel off-road trails, through soft terrain or several inches of fluffy snow with relative ease. My hands never touch muddy or wet wheels, keeping them warm and dry.

The Renegade is a complete system with a range of accessories design to fit your busy life, including; gun rack, trailer hitch, snow plow, winter skis, snow chains, fishing pole holder and many more!

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I hope your future Renegade gives you many years of independence and enjoyment.

       John W. Rackley
       Renegade Wheelchair Inventor