We are currently compiling a comprehensive list of resources. Please visit us intermittently for updated resources; this section is currently under construction. 

Alpha One has been responsive to the needs of individuals with disabilities, initiating, advocating for, and implementing systems change to overcome the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from living independently.

mPower loans are made at low-interest rates with longer repayment schedules, which reduces monthly payments.

North American Safari, a national hunting show featuring Renegade creator John Rackley as a pro staff member, can now be found on your favorite cable outdoor network. check your local listings and watch for episodes showing John putting his Renegade through some challenging paces!

Equipment Recycling - is a FREE listing service where people can buy, sell, or find donated Used Home Medical Equipment. Our goal is to get this equipment into the hands of those less fortunate.Assistive Equipment that can be found: mobility scooters, powerchairs, stairlifts, liftchairs, wheelchair accessible vans and much more.